Thermoelectric Cool/Heat Comfortable Cotton Sleep Pad

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The full-body thermoelectric cooling/heating Sleep Pad measures 38 inches (96 cm) wide and 75 inches (190 cm) long. It will easily fit on top of a single bed or ½ of a larger bed.

The Sleep Pad can be placed on top of your mattress or you may place the Sleep Pad under or on top of your fitted sheet.

The temperature range of the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad is 50 F – 113 F (10 C to 45 C).

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Efficient Cooling and Heating Power Unit:

The Power Unit measures 9 inches (23 cm) wide by 8 inches height (20cm) by 9 inches (23cm) depth.

The Power Unit comes pre-filled with liquid. No need to add water during the initial installation.

Place the Power Unit next to your bed on the floor, towards the head of the bed.

The tubing from the Sleep Pad leads down from the pad, between your mattress and headboard, to the Power Unit on the floor.

Plug the Power Unit into a 110-120( or 220-240V) volt power outlet.

● Relief from hot flash symptoms and night sweats.
● Watch your energy bills plummet while staying cozy and comfortable year round.
● Uses safe thermoelectric technology to cool or heat water that circulates throughout the pad so you’re cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.
● Preset to the perfect temperatures for sleeping, 50 F – 113 F (10 C to 45 C).
● A great way for couples to settle nightly disputes over their home thermostat.
● Soft cotton pad cover that can be easily removed for washing.
● Fits on any bed, right or left side. Convenient wireless remote.
● Sleep timer.
● Soft cotton construction.
● Quiet, safe, comfortable, and durable.
● Discreetly fits underneath the sheets.
● Digital temperature display.
● Note: This product uses thermoelectric technology. As a result, there is a small pump that makes a low frequency noise. We equate this noise to that of a small aquarium pump.


The creative design of the thermoelectric Cool/Heat Sleep Pad is perfect for the home.

There are five important aspects of its function:

1. Superior cooling capacity:
Combined with thermoelectric technology, water flows through soft silicone coils in the Sleep Pad to consistently keep you at your desired temperature throughout the night for a more restful sleep.
You can change the temperature by using the convenient wireless remote or the control buttons on the power unit. The temperature range of the Sleep Pad can be set between 50 F -113 F (10 C to 45 C).
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad is perfect for people who suffer from hot flashes and night sweats.
The power unit is very quiet and ideal for continuous use throughout the night.

2. Special heating function:
Since the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad is developed with Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd special thermoelectric technology, you can easily choose between heating or cooling by easily adjusting the temperature.
Thermoelectric technology provides 150% efficient heating capacity compared to normal heating methods.
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad heating option makes people feel nice and warm throughout the cold winter months.

3. Outstanding energy saving functions:
By using the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad, homeowners have the potential to lower their energy bill usage by using the air conditioner or heater less often.
Studies show that using a home air conditioning system can substantially increase your power bill. By using the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad instead of the air conditioning system, these losses can be recouped. For example, if your thermostat is set at 79 degrees or higher, for every degree warmer, you can save 2 to 3 percent on the air conditioning portion of your electric bill.
This creates a win-win situation for the environment and your pocketbook. Over time, the power savings can even cover the cost of purchasing the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad.
Our company advanced thermoelectric technology in the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad power unit ensures sufficient cooling capacity. This product provides high cooling efficiency and economical low power consumption.
Inside the soft cotton pad there are soft silicone coils embedded in polyester/cotton material. When the weight of the human body presses on the surface you immediately start feeling cool or warm.
The power consumption of the Cool/Heat Sleep Pad thermoelectric power unit is only 80W. Working continually for 8 hours will consume only 0.64 kilowatt-hours of electricity. It is recommended to switch the unit OFF when not in use.

4. Credible safety system:
The liquid filled soft coils in the cotton pad can bear 330lbs of pressure.
There is also a pump inside the power unit that transfers cooled or heated fluid to the cotton cover surface through soft tubing. The electrical power unit is separated from the cotton pad itself and therefore accidental liquid spills on the cover will not cause an electrical shock.

5. Environmentally friendly:
The thermoelectric Cool/Heat Sleep Pad totally abandons the Freon-based air conditioning systems that harm our atmosphere. The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad is the newest contribution to protecting the environment. Our thermoelectric system design provides cooling and heating in small dimensions so that anyone can use it conveniently.


How much noise does it make?
The noise level is comparable to the noise of a small aquarium pump.

What are the dimensions of Cool/Heat Sleep Pad?
The full-body cotton sleep pad measures 38 inches (96 cm) wide and 75 inches (190 cm) long. It will easily fit on top of a single bed or a larger bed.

What is the actual temperature range?
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad will cool down to 50 F ( 10 C)and heat up to 113 F( 45 C).

What color is the Power Unit?
The power unit is black so it discreetly fits on the floor next to your bed.

What type of water should be used?
Standard potable water can be used.

What is the pad and cover constructed of?
The pad is poly/cotton fabric with polyester filling. The pad comes with a washable cotton cover that is also of poly/cotton fabric with a polyester filling. The circulation tubes are medical grade silicon.

What is the weight limit?
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad will operate effectively with a weight range up to 330 lbs.

How do you clean the pad?
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad cotton cover is machine washable on gentle cycle. Tumble dry on a low. For best results, air dry. The cooling pad itself can easily be wiped down with a warm, wet cloth.

What are the power details?
The Cool/Heat Sleep Pad operates at 80 watts and works with common North American 110-120 volt or EU market 220-240V power systems.

Will I be able to feel the tubes in the sleep pad?
It is possible to feel the circulation tubes with your fingers as you search for them, but they cannot be felt when lying on the mattress. The silicone tubing is soft enough that it allows for a comfortable sleeping surface while still allowing water to pass through the tubes.

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