Quality Guarantee

Quality Guarantee of Huimao Thermoelectric Cooling Module

Ensuring the quality and maintaining high levels of reliability can be considered as two of the main strategic goals for Huimao’s top engineers during the process of designing a product. All Huimao products must undergo a strict evaluation and examination process prior to shipment. Every module must pass two anti-moisture testing processes to ensure the protection mechanisms are fully functional (and to prevent any future failures caused by moistures). In addition, more than ten quality control points have been put in place to supervise the production process.

Huimao’s thermoelectric cooling module,TEC modules have on average an expected useful life of 300 thousand hours. In addition, our products have also passed the severe test of alternating the cooling and heating process within very short time. The test is conducted by a repeated cycle of connecting  thermoelecric cooling module ,TEC modules to electric current for 6 seconds, pause for 18 seconds and then the opposite current for 6 seconds. During the test, the current may force the hot side of the module to heat up to as high as 125℃ within 6 seconds and then cool it down. The cycle repeats itself for 900 times and the total testing time is 12 hours.