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Thermoelectric cool/heat car seat cushion (thermoelectric cool/heat car seat pad)Power Box Dimension: L X W X H (mm): 180 X 75 X 75(mm) Pad Dimension (sports): L X W X H (mm): 480X400,efficient cool/heatl area : 300X300(mm) Ambient Temperature: -15 ℃~+45 ℃ Power : * 12 V * 24 V *220V~ ±22V(special power adapter) Cool Capacity: ≤ 28 ℃ at cushion,pad surface, after normally working 10 mins in 5 ℃ ambient temperature working Current: ≤ 3A Noise: ≤ 45dB(A) Weight: 1.8Kg to 2 Kg

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CoolHeat Car Seat

Five Special Characteristics of Cool/heat car seat cushion

Its creative structure endows it in excellent function. And there are five important aspects of its function:

1.Outstanding electricity saving function

Usually most of thermoelectronic appliances are not as efficient as freon system in refrigeration. But the advanced thermoelectric cooling ( TEC ) technology from ours updated the thermoelectric cooling device, adding more P,N knot to ensure sufficient cooling capacity. This product provides high cooling efficiency and economical low power consumption. Inside the pad there is Φ 6 polyethylene tube flask in the fire proof material. 1/3 of the tube can be felt when human body touches the surface. And immediately you can feel cool or warm.

The car seat cushion’s power consumption is 30W. Working continually 33 hours will consume 1 watt–hour electricity. When using it in a running car, there is extremely slim electricity consumed. When car engine stops, continually using it for 2 hrs do not affect the normal re-starting of car engine.

 2. Superior cooling capacity

As every auto driver knows, in hot summers after several hours under sunlight the car inside are unbearable and the seats are really hot. And there is plenty evidences that most of the traffic accidents happen in hot seasons. Because it's known to all that human body will easily feel tired when in unbearable environment, especially large cargo trunk and bus drivers that do not enjoy air conditioner system. This thermoelectric car seat cushion can completely solve this problem for you. Make you feel comfortable and relax your mind. At the same time, there will be less than normal sweat when you are sitting long time driving.

3. Special heating function 

Based on thermoelectric cooling (TEC) technology, you can easily choose heating or cooling just by switching a button. Thermoelectric cooling(TEC) technology provides 150% efficient heating capacity compare to normal methods. That is when consume 30W thermoelectric cooling (TEC) system can provide 45W heating equating normal heaters. When ambient temperature just is 0 ℃ on the surface of thermoelectric car seat cushion can reach 30 ℃. You will feel fairly warm in cold seasons.

4. Credible safety system

The thermoelectric ( TEC) car seat cushion works in low safe 12V voltage both it's cool and warm function. The tube, which carries antifreeze, can bear 150Kg pressure. And there is a pump inside the power box that transfers cool or warm to the pad surface. The power system is separated from the seat itself. In low voltage condition it is very safe to use in normal. All the materials are fire resistant to ensure safety. The circulatory system is airproof and no probability of leakage. you will be free of safety worries.

5. According with environment protection standards

 The heat/cool car seat cushion is based on thermo electronic system. It totally abandons freon system that does great harm to our atmosphere. There will be no negative affect to the customers when they choose to use thermoelectric cooling (TEC) products. It is our new contribution to the environment protection. Its patent (TEC) thermoelectric cooling system design provides it in small dimensions so that any one can use it conveniently.

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