Customized Thermoelectric Cooling Unit

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Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd. sister factory , which manufacture the thermoelectric cooling complete products including climate thermoelectric air conditioner, thermoelectric cooling water coolers, warm/cold sleep pads , heat/cool car seat cushions and personal mini coolers,thermoelecric cooling wine cooler,Ice cream maker,Yogurt cooler. They have the combined capacity to produce over 400000-700000 units per annum.

Huimao 150-24 thermoelectric air conditioner is designed for climate chamber. It can maintain ambient temperature while removing up to 150W.It is available in 24VDC .This product can be mounted in any oriention and offered deisgn flexibility with Solid-state reliability.

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150W capacity rated at DeltaT=0 C, Th=27C

Refrigerant free

Wide Operating temperature range: -40C to 55C

Shift between heating and cooling

Low noise and without moving parts 


Outdoor Enclosrures

Battery Cabinet

Food/Consumer refrigerator


Cooling Method  Air Cool
Radiating Method  Air Force
Ambient Temperature/Humidity  -40 to 50 degrees
Cooling Capacity  145-150W
Input Power  195W
Heating capacity  300W
Hot/cold side fan Current  0.46/0.24A
TEM Nominal/Startup Current  7.5/9.5A
Nominal/max Voltage  24/27VDC
Dimension   300X180X175mm
Weight  5.2Kg
Life Time  > 70000 hours
Noise  50 db
Tolerance  10%

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