New design 30X5mm peltier module

Normally, the special design thermoelectric modules are often used in laser diode cooling or telecom devices cooling.July,2023   we designed one new type of thermoelectric cooling module TEC1-02303T125 for one of Germany customer. Size: 30x5x3mm, Imax:3.6A,Umax: 2.85V,Qmax: 6.2W.

We also can produce much longer size peltier module like 5x100mm .

As we know,Peltier module, also known as a thermoelectric cooler (TEC module) or thermoelectric module (peltier module), is a solid-state device with no moving parts that transmits heat when energized, and can operate over a wide range of temperatures.

Peltier module is structurally composed of positive and negative doped pellets of semiconductor material placed between two electrically insulated but thermally conductive ceramic plates. A conductive pattern of metal material is plated on the inner surface of each ceramic plate, on which the semiconductor pellets are soldered. This module configuration enables all semiconductor pellets to be connected in series electrically and mechanically in parallel. The desired thermal effect is provided from the electrical connection in series, while the mechanical parallel connection allows heat to be absorbed by one ceramic plate (cold side) and released by the other ceramic plate (hot side).

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Post time: Jul-25-2023