The Development direction of Thermoeletric cooling modules

As all know,thermoelectric cooling module,Pelteir element,peltier cooler, TEC module is a semiconductor device consisting of many small and efficient heat pumps. By applying a low-voltage DC power supply, heat will be transferred from one side of the TEC to the other side, resulting in the TEC module becoming hot on one side and cold on the other. After more than 30 years of researching  ,developing  and production, Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd.  has continuously updated and iterated its thermoelectric cooling products, providing comprehensive solutions for all occasions requiring precise temperature control.

Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd. according to the different market demand, the thermoelectric cooling,TE cooling for various applications has been developed. Under normal circumstances, the standard series of products can be directly selected, but under certain given conditions, the thermoelectric cooling (pelteir cooling )needs to be specially designed to meet the cooling power, electrical, mechanical and other requirements.

Reliable and stable, accurate temperature control, electronic silence, green environmental protection, long life, fast cooling. thermoelectric modules are an active TE cooler that can cool the cooling object below the ambient temperature, which cannot be achieved only with a normal radiator. In practical applications, any environment requiring temperature control can be applied through Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co.,Ltd.  for thermoelectric cooling special design.


Here are the new developing design peltier module specification as follow:


Maximum operate temperature: 200 degrees

Size: 55X55X3.95mm

Umax: 34V,

Imax: 20A,

ACR: 1.3-1.4 ohm



Maximum operate temperature : 200 Degrees

Size: 55X55X3.95mm

Umax: 28.4V

Imax: 18A

ACR: 1.3 Ohm微信图片_20210914232007

Post time: Aug-11-2023