Micro Thermoelectric cooling module

Micro Thermoelectric cooling module (1)

In April 2022, Beijing Huimao Cooling Equipment Co., Ltd. in accordance with the customer's requirements, we designed a miniature thermoelectric cooling module(miniature TE module, peltier element) named TES1-01201A, top size is  3.2x4.8mm, the bottom size is  4.8x4.8mm, thickness 1.9mm, maximum current 1A, maximum voltage: 1.4V, hot surface 30 degrees, vacuum condition, temperature difference 74 degrees, temperature difference is zero, the maximum cooling capacity is 0.8W, the ambient temperature 25 degrees, DC resistance: 1.242Ω, the wire is 28AWG metal wire 15 mm.

Post time: Jun-03-2019